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The O-Bento Group - Mission Statement

O-Bento Japanese Cuisine is here to enriching the existing food and beverage mix by offering authentic Japanese food in a quick service environment which allows people from all cultures to access and be rewarded with money-worthy eating experience!

Our 3 concepts: O-Bento, Menya Ramen, Rush Sushi

We propose to introduce a mixture of these complementary concepts to provide visitor with a quality sushi range, bento box dining alternative, a variety of Japanese Noodle choice, and all is about a great value for money food offer

O-Bento: The O-Bento menu appeals to wide range of age and is very popular with the youth and student markets, professional worker and family markets. Seasonal menu items are developed to keep temping our regular customers! All food preparation and assembly is done at each store. Quality vegetables, meat, seafood and dairy products are delivered daily and used to create the majority of dishes from fresh ingredients.

Menya Ramen: Menya Ramen offers good quality Japanese food at reasonable prices, quick service and convenience delivered through a contemporary brand and store design.

Given the rise of healthy eating habits, consideration to healthy cooking techniques and the use of freshest ingredients are critical when developing our menu. The menu consists a wide range of Ramen noodles and Rice dishes. These are predominated bowl foods and can be served as takeaway meals. Side orders complement the menu with an offer of Japanese soup, salad and dumplings.

Rush Sushi: Rush Sushi at Collins Place opened in 2004 and offers a wide array of ready to eat, grab and go options, from hand rolls to sushi, sashimi, and salads. The store has great visual appeal. In particular the food displays are attention grabbing and tempting. Rush provides patrons with the modern, warm and welcoming environment to eat and enjoy, which becomes a popular choice for the CBD working community.

Our Mission


O-Bento is aim to provide visitor with a quality sushi range, a bento box dining alternative, a variety of Japanese noodles choice, all is about a great value for money food offer!


Using the very best ingredients available, our sushi, sashimi, hand rolls and salads are of the highest quality and prepared daily on site.


Unique taste of the modern Japanese cuisine. O-Bento Group has become social hubs for office workers, university students and visitors in the Melbourne CBD.

O-Bento Group

The O-Bento Group is composed of 3 different brands.